• what is clairaudience

When we think of seeing a psychic, we tend to have a lot of pre-formed ideas as to what that might mean and we tend to think of a number of very specific abilities and traits. Perhaps you picture a lady who is dressed like a hippy with a long cloak and crystal ball (that’s not normally the case!) or maybe you picture a gypsy (that’s not normally the case either!).

In reality, psychics vary greatly in terms of their presentation and their approach to their abilities. Just like any other profession, psychics come from all walks of life and most of them are incredibly normal to look at and speak to!

What’s also true is that their abilities and skills manifest in many different ways. The exact process of seeing a psychic can vary greatly depending on the particular abilities that they are gifted with and that they practice. If you go and see a clairvoyant for instance, then the experience will be quite different from seeing a medium! (Clairvoyants have ‘second sight’ and claim they can see things through time and space, whereas mediums communicate with spirits.)

What might also surprise you is just how many different psychic abilities there are and how many different types of psychic. There are many types of psychic ability for instance that you probably have never even heard of unless you have done lots of research into the topic.

All a psychic is really is someone with extra intuition, empathy and insight. Their sensitivity is such that they can pick up on things that you and I just can’t – but this comes through in many different ways.

For instance: clairaudience.

Clairaudience – The Basics

It’s no coincidence that clairaudience sounds very similar to clairvoyance – the two are actually closely related.

Clairvoyance is one of the better known types of psychic ability and is actually where the image of the crystal ball comes from. A clairvoyant is someone who has ‘second sight’ and that means that they can see things that the rest of us cannot. This might mean remote viewing and gaining insight from things that are happening elsewhere in the world, or it might mean getting images from the past or the future. This doesn’t always necessarily mean they have the ability to predict specific aspects of the future, but they can act as a spirit guide by getting a powerful sense of key facts that are hidden to others.

Literally, the word ‘clairvoyant’ translates as ‘clear sighted’.

So can you guess what clairaudience means? It means ‘of clear hearing’. In other words, whereas a clairvoyant might get extra information by ‘seeing’ things remotely, a clairvoyant will gain it from sounds. In some cases, that means that you can hear things that might be symbolic in nature – such as a scratching sound or birds singing or bells ringing. More often, clairvoyants will hear voice.

In that regard, you could consider that Joan of Arc was gifted with clairaudience! And actually, while the term is widely known outside of the world of psychics, it is one of the more common psychic gifts historically having played a part in many key historic events.

Just like a clairvoyant, someone with clairaudience may hear people talking to them remotely. Alternatively, they might hear voices from the future or past or they might be able to gain warnings and insights.

What is Clairaudience Like?

While some psychics will primarily identify themselves have having clairaudience, others will describe themselves as being hypersensitive across ‘many channels’. These individuals may find they have to sift through sounds, sights, smells and more to identify the meaning behind the message that they are receiving.

Those who experience clairaudience intensely will often find that they are gifted in their hearing in other ways. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they can watch TV with the sound down low! Rather, they might have a knack for identifying the voices of people without seeing them. Others might find that they notice sounds others do not, or that they hear their own ‘inner voice’ a lot. Some will describe getting lots of ideas this way, as though they are being gifted by spirits. This relates closely to the idea of a creative daemon!

How to Develop Clairaudience

It is said that you can develop your abilities of clairaudience by lying down quietly and focussing more on the sounds that come from within and without. Even if this doesn’t lead to any extra-sensory perception, opening your ears properly and really ‘listening’. Often you’ll notice just how many background sounds there are that you have previously been oblivious too! Try it right now and you may find you can hear the sounds of distant traffic, a ticking clock, birds outside, or people talking in the buildings next door – all things that we tune out because we’re too busy focussed on the superficial.

Other people find that sensory deprivation can help them to turn their senses inward and to be more in-tune with paranormal signals. Others will practice not speaking for great lengths – which is actually one of the reasons that many religions have some ‘silent’ practice.

Even if you don’t normally experience clairaudience, you may find that you have occasionally had the experience of a sudden whispering or muttering sound in your ear – that might just be an extra-sensory experience!

Some people with clairaudience describe that not all the voices they hear are entirely well-meaning. Some might attempt to deceive or taunt and it’s key that those who experience this know how to listen to the right ones and ‘tune in’ to the most helpful sources.

If you speak to a psychic who has clairaudience, then they might be able to use the information they glean to help guide you. If you’re looking for a spiritual guide, then you may find that this is helpful for you.

Of course though, we all have different beliefs and we all operate in different ways. What’s important is to find a guide who helps you to develop yourself spiritually and emotionally.