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Love Readings

People from all walks of life seek out tarot love readings for guidance with their complex relationships or budding romances.  Matters of the heart are often complex and confusing, but a love reading with a talented psychic can provide an immense amount of insight into the energies surrounding your romances.

Will a Tarot Love Reading Predict Everything?

No, love readings do not predict anything with absolute certainty. This is true for any type of psychic reading. If a psychic suggests something, it is just that – a suggestion. You still have the power to change the future. However, if you do nothing to change the future, the love reading’s predictions may very well come true in some capacity.

For example, the psychic may state that the “energy surrounding your relationship does not appear to be positive. I see that this relationship is likely to end.” This does not mean that it is absolutely going to end. In fact, you can very much still shape your own future by actively working on mending your relationship. Whatever is uncovered during your love reading is only valid in that moment. You still have control over what happens in your relationship should you choose to take corrective action.

What kind of questions can I ask?

It is best not to ask a question that is too specific. While it is very tempting to ask “is my boyfriend cheating on me?”, it is better to ask a broader question like: “does the energy surrounding my relationship seem positive?” This is because love readings stem from perceived energy and strong intuitions. For the most part, psychics cannot predict anything with absolute certainty. They work from strong, focused intuition.

Tarot Card Readings

Love readings are most commonly performed with tarot cards.  Keep in mind that tarot cards are not meant to tell your fortune or future. They are meant to act as a guiding force within your life.

Focus on YOU

It is easy to focus on your significant other when getting your reading. After all, you may want to know if they are seeing someone else or not.  However, it is far more productive to phrase your question in the following way “what am I doing that could be forcing my significant other to go to someone else?” This way you are focused on yourself.

Be Neutral

If you go into your reading absolutely convinced that your significant other is cheating on you, your reading will not be effective. Your preconceived notion will taint how you view your reading.  For the most accurate reading, you must be unbiased and keep an open mind.

Be Positive

Again, this goes back to how you phrase your question. Instead of asking why your boyfriend or girlfriend has strayed, ask what you can do to improve your relationship.

Remember, You Can Change Things

Your love reading is not meant to be a definitive verdict on your relationship. Remember, you CAN turn things around if you’re willing to actively work on your relationship. Treat your reading as guiding force and you will walk away with positive insight that will help mend your ailing romance.