• signs from heaven

When we lose someone, it can be incredibly difficult to move past the grief and to carry on with our lives as we did before. Sometimes it can even feel as though we are betraying our loved ones by ‘moving on’ and ‘getting over’ the pain that we feel. It can seem as though our loved ones ‘deserve’ our pain and that anything less is a mark of disrespect.

Of course though this isn’t the way that we should view loss. Our loved ones wouldn’t want us to spend our entire time in mourning and they wouldn’t want to be responsible for our sadness. The aim should be to get to the point where we can think fondly of those we’ve lost and enjoy those memories. And it is to use the lessons we learned from them and to adopt their best qualities, so that we might be better versions of ourselves for those who are still alive.

Different people have different ways of getting to this point though. And some people find solace in their beliefs – specifically the idea that their loved ones still ‘live on’ in spirit in the after world. And perhaps even that they are communicating with us or even helping us long after they are gone. Perhaps you believe this, or perhaps you believe that the signs you see are coming from your own unconscious. Either way, the truth is that your loved ones are still ‘with you’.

Here are some signs that some people interpret as coming from their deceased loved ones.


Many of us have powerful dreams about our loved ones. Now of course we all have dreams about all kinds of things all the time – and very often those dreams have no bearing on anything useful or real.

But every now and then you have a dream that seems incredibly vivid and incredibly real. And at this time, we may encounter the one we love in a very real way – and even feel as though we can talk to them at length.

For some, this can just be a very comforting dream that helps them to gain some closure and to remember that their loved one lives on in their mind. For others, this dream can be interpreted as a loved one literally coming to visit them while their mind is open.

These dreams are actually known in the psychic world as ‘visitation dreams’ and are something that many people look for when trying to communicate with the dead.


What’s harder to dismiss are waking visions of the ones we have lost. Sometimes these might be fleeting glimpses but in other cases they can be just as in-depth and real as those dreams. Often this will occur one waking, when you sit up and see them sitting at the end of your bed. While that might sound frightening, most people say they feel a great feeling of warm and comfort.

In other cases, it’s common to see a deceased individual walking past the window.

One story that is fairly common is to meet someone you know in passing and to have a normal conversation with them. Only they will often be very keen to wish you well and to tell you that they care for you and that they hope to see you again. Upon returning home, the individual may then learn that the person they just met passed on before that meeting. This could even be seen as that individual being given time to say goodbye.

Again, this can be described as a psychic phenomenon or a psychological phenomenon depending on your particular beliefs. Either way, it is a great sign of the compassion in the world and can often be good for closure as you get to say some of the things you’ve wanted to say to that person before never seeing them again.

Electrical Disturbances

There have been many reports that link changes in electrical activity to the paranormal. Many believe for instance that they can communicate with the dead through white noise, while others feel that dimming of the lights or interference might be signs of interactions with the deceased.

Some people will see this as mere coincidence. Others believe that these signs are their loved ones attempting to communicate with them and simply let them know that they’re okay. Of course it’s up to you what you believe – and after all, only you know how your lights normally behave!

Touch and Feeling

Sometimes you can simply get an uncanny ‘sense’ that someone is in the room with you. This is a feeling that you can get with any kind of presence and sometimes people will feel uncomfortable in a house or room because of energies they don’t understand.

But in other scenarios, this can be an incredibly comforting feeling – the sense that the person you know and love is there with you even though you can’t explain it. In some cases it might be shift in the air, it might be a change in temperature or it might be something that you simply cannot explain. Perhaps it occurs while you’re talking about that person, or when you’re thinking of them – or perhaps you just get the sense that it is them.

Others will literally describe feeling the physical sense of touch, as though their loved one has placed a comforting hand on their shoulder to let them know everything is okay. In other cases, people might suddenly notice a smell that they strongly associated with that person.

Again, there are many ways to interpret these things. You might believe that you are sensing the presence of your loved one and that they are letting you know that they’re okay and that they’re still thinking of you. Or perhaps you believe it’s your own mind playing tricks.

Either way, the clear conclusion is that that person is still with you. In your heart, in your mind and perhaps in your spirit. Hopefully this brings some kind of comfort..