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Finding a psychic near you is not difficult. You can do a simple Google search and find dozens of nearby psychics.  In fact, most of us have driven past storefronts with bright neon “psychic reading signs.” And if you live in a big city, you’ll see these signs ever few blocks.

Finding a reputable psychic, however, is be a bit more challenging.  Just like all professions, there are people who are good at what they do and people who are bad at what they do. And especially when seeking out a psychic, you must be particularly careful. There ARE scam artists out there; people who will get you in a reading and claim that you’re cursed, or claim they can cast spells.  Don’t’ fall for it. These are not genuine readers – they are scammers.

What to Look For

Online Presence with Reviews

Now, it could be argued that psychics probably aren’t business savvy individuals and, as a result, won’t have a website or reviews. And this may be the case. But I’d rather go to someone who has positive reviews over someone who has no reviews at all. In fact, this is typically the first thing I look for when I’m interested in any service. You should be able to find a psychic in your city with at least a few reviews.

You can start by searching in Google for “Psychic + your city,”  or “psychics near me.” This will bring up your local results. Here’s what I see:




You’ll notice “Mrs Austin Psychic Advisor:” has 12 ratings and a total of 4.3 stars on Google. Seems good! But, take what you read with a grain of salt – fake reviews can be left. Reviews are not meant to be definitive; rather, they are meant to be an indicator of quality. And the more recent the reviews, the better.



Another great place to check for reviews is on yellowpages.com. Here’s what I found for Mrs. Austin:



Call for Rates

Be sure to call for rates, hours, and forms of payment. What I’ve found is that most psychics only take cash, and some do not have change. In my opinion, not being able to provide change is pretty ridiculous. After all, this is their business. The moral of the story is to clarify everything BEFORE you go to the reading so there are no surprises. You should establish prepayment for a certain length of time before you begin.

What to do When you Arrive

Get comfortable, but don’t spill the beans as to why you’re there. Let the Psychic tune into you first.

Another reason why you don’t want to spill your personal details is because phony psychics will tell you very broad statements that apply to anyone. And, they may start giving you advice and opinion rather than accurate predictions. If they start asking you detailed questions about say, your relationship and the person involved, it should be a red flag that you’re not with a genuine psychic. A genuine psychic would be able to see these things for him or herself.

It is okay, however, to tell them the name of someone you are interested in learning more about. This will allow them to tune into that person.

Take Predictions with a Grain of Salt

You must remember that whatever a psychic says, if accurate, is only true at that moment and will only happen if you do nothing to change the course of events.  You have free will and you can make changes that will prevent predictions from coming true. If you do not act, however, predictions may come true. The takeaway is that you still have control over your life and can change outcomes.

While is may be tempting to ask a psychic what you should do, it is not advisable, because you are asking for an opinion.  Instead, ask them explore what might happen if you were to do x instead of y.

Whatever you do, stay relaxed and keep an open mind, and you may find that you walk away with a tremendous amount of insight.