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Psychic Readings

From time to time, we find ourselves on life paths we didn’t expect. Confused and without answers, we often turn to those with answers from beyond. A psychic reading can provide you with the insight and answers you need to move forward with your life.

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Do you ever find yourself slipping into that familiar feeling of restlessness or uncertainty when you stand at the crossroads of a major life decision?  It can be scary to navigate the course of your life, especially when it feels like your circumstances are somehow bigger than you are, and seemingly out of your control.  In today’s blog, we will discuss how you can take control of your life with psychic readings.


“Never take counsel of your fears,” said the 7th president of the United States, Andrew Jackson.  The most successful people do not listen to their fears, but rather seek sound counsel from a higher power when they are at a crossroads to make a major life decision.

One way to seek sound counsel is through a psychic.  A psychic is a person who is blessed with an extra sense that can be used to identify information hidden from the normal senses to provide you with a psychic reading. This special sense goes beyond vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste.

Psychic abilities can have virtually unlimited range, and are experienced mainly as thoughts rather than bodily sensations.The use of extrasensory perception is a rare gift that our psychics can share with you to help you navigate the course of your life.


Psychic abilities have been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time under many different names. Psychic abilities manifest themselves in different ways in the realm of extrasensory perception (ESP), or psi, including telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, mediumship, and psychometry. There is no one psychic ability that is better than another. Each type of psychic ability can be used to customize a psychic reading for your specific circumstances.

Telepathic Psychic Readings

Telepathy is when a psychic provides a reading by knowing the thoughts of another person, or mind reading.  It’s the communication or transmission of ideas from one person to another person without using physical interaction or other sensory methods. This method of psychic ability falls into two classes. The first is telepathic communication. This is when a psychic can transmit an idea from one consciousness to another. The second is telepathic perception. This is when the psychic receives information from another consciousness. An example of telepathy is when you are with a close friend and you finish each other’s sentences, or spontaneously and unexplainably have the same idea at the same time.

Clairvoyant Psychic Readings

Clairvoyance is when a psychic can see events occurring in another place.  It involves the perception of events in the future or beyond normal sensory influences. Clairvoyance is the ability to see things which are hidden and beyond the range of natural vision.  An example of clairvoyance is on popular crime television shows. When there is an unsolved mystery, the policeforce will call in a clairvoyant psychic to provide them with valuable information to map out a location where evidence pertaining to a crime can be found.

Retrocognitive Psychic Readings

Retrocognition is the ability to see into the past. It is also known as post cognition or “backward knowing”.  A psychic who uses retrocognition in their readings are able to provide knowledge of an event in the past which they could not have known by normal means. An example of this is déjà vu, which is a powerful feeling of having been to a certain place, or having experienced a certain event in the past.

Mediumship Psychic Readings

Mediumship is the channeling of spirits for the purpose of communicating between the dead and the living.  Mediumship gained acceptance early in the 19th century. The psychic becomes a human instrument to channel information from souls who have crossed to the other side, from the physical realm to the spiritual realm. The psychic can receive information by writing or speaking the communication.  For many, this is the most powerful form of psychic readings.  When a spirit speaks from their world to ours, it can be life changing. An example of this is when a loved one has passed away and there were things left unsaid and the psychic channels a message from the loved one who has passed to the other side.  Mediumship can provide closure for those who are uncertain about the ultimate spiritual fate of loved ones who have left the physical realm.

Psychometry Psychic Readings

Psychometry is the ability to read information about a person or place by touching an object.  This is also known as token-object reading or psychoscopy. This psychic power uses divination to receive information by handling an object. An example of psychometry is when a person handles an object, and they leave their energy in it, and a psychic is able to read the history of the object. The best way for a psychic to use this method of psychic reading is to have an object that was worn only by one person.

Precognition Psychic Readings

Precognition is the ability to see into the future. The most popular psychic ability our clients ask for involves precognition readings, which is the perception of events before they happen. Here’s how precognitive psychic readings work.  Have you ever had a dream that appeared to represent a future event, that ultimately came true?  Or have you ever had the image of an old friend flash into your mind out of the blue and then the phone rings and it’s them?  This experience can be strange, but it happens all the time for our psychics.  Continue reading and we’ll show you how precognitive psychic readings work.


The study of modern precognition dates back to the 1930’s when professor J.B. Rhine, Duke University, conducted scientific research in his laboratory.  At that time, the popular theory was that psychic readings involved energy moving from one point to another point electromagnetically just like light, radio and x-ray energy. However, this theory was based on the preconceived assumptions about how time and space work.

While we are programed to view time as linear, this is not necessarily the case. Modern scientists have learned it is best to not allow preconceived beliefs and biases affect how psychic research is studied. It is now clear psychic readings work independently from distance and time and beyond the known physical world.  In other words, you can receive a psychic reading whether you are in the same room or on the other side of the world.


In the past, psychic studies often fell short of the strict threshold of scientific investigation. Psychic research invariably produced data that could not be reproduced no matter how reliable the source. However, the current research of Dr. Bem, a social psychologist at Cornell University, is different as he has used standard scientific methods based on well-established principles in psychology. Dr. Bem has studied the effects that are considered valid and reliable in psychology which show how studying improves memory and priming facilitates response times. He simply reversed their chronological order to prove psychic abilities are real.

Dr. Bem’s experimental method was extremely candid. He used traditional psychological protocols, such as affective priming and recall facilitation, and reversed the sequence, so that the cause became the effect. For example, he presented students with a long list of vocabulary and asked them to remember as many as possible. Then, the students were asked to type a selection of vocabulary which had been randomly selected from the same list. The students were significantly better at recalling vocabulary that they would later type.

According to an article published on Wired.com titled “Feeling the Future: Is Precognition Possible?”, Dr. Bem’s research “provides the first testable framework for the investigation of anomalous psychological properties. Unlike most tests of psi or ESP, Bem’s research builds upon well-known experimental paradigms, and minimizes the contact between the experimenter and the subject. The data collection was automated and accurate; the paper passed peer-review.”

Dr. Bem’s research has had a serious impact on what we know and have come to accept as true about psychic abilities in the scientific community.


Our psychics harness the power of their psychic abilities to provide you with psychic readings that will guide you through the obstacle course of your life. Your psychic reading can identify the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in your path so you can harness the power of knowing. Do not take counsel from your fears.  We invite you to seek sound counsel from a higher power when you are at a crossroads to make a major life decision.

Remember: your circumstances do not define you.  Your circumstances only define where you are at on your journey. When you call in to psychictopia.com your psychic will help you chart the right path for your future.  Now you can take control of your life by making the right decisions to get you to the right destination on your life’s journey.

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