• psychic readings over the phone

When someone decides they want a reading, they think of a local psychic with a storefront and a bright, flashing sign. What they don't know is that they're going to pay an arm and a leg to get a reading from one of these people, and there's no sure-fire way to know if the psychic is a scam artist or a real talent.  That's why we're a big fan of getting a psychic reading over the phone.  Here are the five reasons you should consider a psychic phone reading. 


 First Time Customer Discounts

There are a number of good psychic networks around, and the majority of them offer very heavy discounts for first-time customers. You can usually get 30 minutes for $30, 20 minutes for $20, or 10 minutes for $10 dollars. Now compare this to an in-person psychic where your'e going to pay $100-$250 no matter what, and you have no idea if they're legitimate or not. 


 Get Multiple Readings 

When you buy an introductory package of, say, 30 minutes, you can use these minutes on multiple psychics. So, if you get on with one psychic, but don't feel that don't have a good connection, you can simply hang up and dial another psychic. You can log in online to search for psychics, or call customer support to get a new recommendation. 



When you call and sign up to get a phone reading, the customer service representative will recommend a good psychic for you, depending on the type of reading you're looking to get.  But as part of the sign-up process, they'll also request your email in order to send a welcome email. When you register your account online, you'll be able to browse hundreds, if not thousands of psychic reviews. 

While some local psychics have Google or Yelp reviews, they are far and few between, and you never know if they're real reviews or not.  With a psychic phone reading, not only will the representative direct you to a highly regarded psychic - you can also check reviews online. 



Most networks that offer phone readings have hundreds of psychics available to take calls 24/7.  The sheer number of available psychics means you'll find someone who you connect with.  Most people have readings with a few psychics before finding their favorite. 


Satisfaction Guarantees

Psychic networks want to take the risk out of getting a reading from one of their psychics. For this reason, they offer satisfaction guarantees. If, for any reason, you don't like the reading you got with a psychic, they'll connect you with another psychic for free.

Do know that these aren't money-back guarantees​ - they'll only offer to connect you with another psychic for free, and it's usually limited to 10-15 minutes. With that being said, most people are happy with the reading they receive, because the best networks test and verify their psychics to ensure they're talented. 

​Are Phone Readings Accurate? 

Many people wonder if getting a psychic reading over the phone can be as accurate as a face-to-face reading. 

It might seem counter-intuitive, but phone reasons are MORE likely to be accurate for one good reason - they're a lot less likely to be influenced by non-verbal cues and physical tells, like facial expressions, that you can give off in a face-to-face reading. If a fraudulent psychic says something during an in-person reading and your face lights up, they may continue with what they're saying, and you may falsely believe what they're telling you.

And, in fact, before you even speak a word, a bad psychic can tell a lot about you just from the way you dress and look.  If you dress professionally, a fraudulent psychic may say: " I see here that you take your career very seriously."

With a phone reading, the psychic doesn't know what you look like, and they certainly don't can't see your face. 

Lastly, good psychics read energy, not you or the way you look. And energy is everywhere and can be tapped into whether you're two feet from a psychic or 2000 miles. So, rest assured, you can definitely get a great reading over the phone.