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Psychic Mediums

Losing a loved is one of the most difficult things you will experience in your lifetime. It is a time wrought with confusion, sadness & despair, and a great longing to reconnect with the person you’ve lost. Psychic mediums may be able to help you connect with loved on on the other side.

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There are many different types of psychics in the world today, each one with varying gifts and abilities. Some of the most common types however, include: Clairvoyance psychics (i.e. the gift of “seeing”), Clairsentience psychics (i.e. the gift of “feeling”), Lucid Projectors (i.e. a person who leaves their physical body and walks in the realm of spirits), a Precognitor (i.e. a sort of future teller), a Retrocognitor (i.e. a person who is able to recall past lives), and a telepath (i.e. mind reading).

What is a Psychic Medium?

A psychic medium however, is a particularly special, and regularly sought after, type of psychic; these psychics possess the gift of being able to communicate with the deceased and/or the spirit world.

Also known as channels, (due to their ability to “channel” parts of the spirit world into the physical world), or spirit guides, psychic mediums generally retain the ability to communicate with the dead. Because of this then, they are often the “go to” psychic for people who are looking to gain closer from the loss of a family member or loved one, frequently being able to provide last messages from said loved ones to those still in the physical world seeking connection and comfort.

With this said however, there are a few different types of psychic mediums, (as well as a manifold of ability levels that each psychic medium posses), which work to determine just what sort of communication will be possible between client, psychic and spirit.

To start with, let’s discuss the various types of psychic mediums known to exist today. The first type is a medium who is able to hold a conversation with the spirit in question, right within their mind. Similar to a conversation held aloud, this first type of psychic medium can converse with the spirit mentally, and is then able to convey the information obtained from that conversation, to the client or party it concerns.

Types of Psychic Mediums

The second type of psychic medium uses trances as a means to channel the spirits around them. These types of mediums will, generally, enter into a trance like state, (this can range in time but on average lasts a few minutes), and while in this state, will receive various messages and communications from the spirits of the deceased they are attempting to contact — or from the spirit who has reached out to contact them.

Then, once these mediums emerge from their trances, they are able to reiterate the various messages and knowledge they gained from from the experience.

Apart from these however, there are also psychic mediums who are able to hear messages directly from the spirits, and then relay immediately what these messages are, to the person the message is meant for. These types of mediums are similar to the type who converses with spirits mentally, however in this case, the conversation is held aloud on the psychic’s end.

This then presents a sort of advantage over the others types, in that this medium is able to ask the spirit it is working with, questions directly from those who are seeking solace, usually receiving fairly quick responses to these questions for the family member/friend inquiring.

Then there are psychic mediums who act as direct channels for the spirit, allowing the spirit to possess their physical body for a short time. These are an exceptionally special bunch of psychic mediums, as these mediums find themselves in a position to actually let the spirits around them enter into their body and use it as their very own, for varying periods of time.

This can be really great for family members and friends who have lost loved ones unexpectedly, giving them one last chance to speak with and hug those they had so dearly loved.

Different Levels of Psychic Abilities


Apart from the varying types of psychic mediums however, a person also needs to be aware of the fact that each psychic (medium or not), has a certain level of ability, and while this level of ability can (and generally does), change over time, the longer a psychic has been aware of their abilities, has practiced and tuned them, the more likely it will be that this psychic will be able to help you.

For example, a newer medium whom is relative unlearned in controlling their abilities, may be totally unable to control when they contact/are contacted by the spirits, with contact happening at any, unexpected time. However, after a medium knows more about their own abilities, they may in turn, be able to hold off unwanted communications, or call upon the spirits more easily when necessary and/or desired.

This is not to say though, that a person who constantly receives messages is less abled or has lower quality abilities than someone who rarely “hears”. In fact, in some cases a high frequency of contact with the spirits can indicate the medium has a particularly strong connection to the spirit world. It just depends on each individual medium themselves.

Overall however, it is generally more advisable to go to an experienced psychic if seeking help, as they tend to have higher ability levels, though keep in mind that there are actually things a psychic can do to increase their abilities.

For example, apart from simply paying attention to and practicing with regularity, there are classes and studies psychics can attend to strengthen their abilities, and there is also the option to enter into an apprenticeship with a more experienced psychic, which can really help to increase a person’s natural born abilities.

With all of that said then, hopefully this article has given you a bit of clarity in understanding the world of psychic mediums, of just exactly what a psychic medium is, what they do and how they operate. It is a very interesting field, which has yet to be scientifically explained, but is nonetheless something that many people look to for comfort in times of loneliness and grief, and this thereby makes it a valuable topic to know about and an even more valuable skill to have.

“Our feelings are the wings of our intuition.”
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