• past life readings

Past life readings are for people who believe they lived another life in another time. They have visions, both small and large, that suggest they were once someone else. Most often, it is children who have the most vivid past life visions – usually up until the age of four. There are many tales of children recounting details of past lives that would be impossible for them to know, or even comprehend, at such a young age – astonishing details that often have their parents wondering if their child is someone else. Many people, however, continue to experience past life visions throughout their life.

What are Past Life Readings?

Past life readings are conducted by individuals who are capable of accessing parts of your past lives as visions, feelings and emotions. The focus is on how events and issues in your past lives affect your current life.

What are the benefits of a past life readings?

Benefits of a past life readings include:

  • How a past life is affecting your present relationships
  • Realization that we do not die at our psychical death
  • Make sense of current emotional issues present from past lives
  • Make sense of why you are drawn to certain activities or places
  • Understand your soul’s purpose in your current life
  • Gain a new perspective and appreciation for your life
  • Develop a higher level of spirituality & being
  • Eliminate preconceived notions about your abilities

What are the signs that I’ve lived in a past life?

Reoccurring Dreams

If you experience intense, reoccurring dreams or nightmares, you may have had a past life or lives.

Déjà Vu

Déjà vu may also be a sign that you’ve had a past life – though scientists insist that neurological processes explain this phenomena.

Nevertheless, if you feel you’ve been somewhere before, or if you are familiar with an area or place that you’ve never visited in your current life, then it may be a strong sign that you’ve lived another life.

Passions for Another Culture

If you have an unexplainable affinity or obsession with another culture, if may be a sign that you once lived among that culture.

Why Do We Have Past Lives?

We are reborn because we continue to live with the belief that we live separate from God. As long as we espouse this belief, we will continue to reincarnate. However, there are many great mystics & saints who, despite being one with God, are nevertheless reborn with the goal of bringing others closer to God & salvation.

Can we remember our past lives?

Details of past lives reside deep within the subconscious that surface in bits and pieces over time. These memories can surface in either visions or dreams, and are most common in people whose past lives ended in turmoil. Many people recount visions that are accompanied by very powerful & unpleasant emotions. It is these traumatic memories that seep over into our current life and cause difficulties.

What is the Difference between a past life reading and a past life regression?

A past life reading is when an experienced practitioner provides you with a reading on your past life. This can be done in person, over the phone, or on a psychic chat line. They use their gifts to tap into visions, feelings and emotions  connected to your soul.

A past life regression, however, is done in person under light hypnosis. You, the individual, are in charge of uncovering the details of your past life while being guided by an experienced practitioner. In other words, the main difference between a reading and a regression is that you are an active participant in a regression – you are a passive participant during a reading.

Which is more effective?

An in-person past life regression with a highly experienced practitioner will likely be more effective that a past life reading. This is because you are actively participating in the reading to uncover your past while under hypnosis.

That is not to say, however, that a past life reading over the phone or internet will not provide you with some strong insight into your past lives. And for most people, a reading over the phone may be the best option, as an experienced practitioner may not be within driving distance.

How Long is a Past Life Regression Session?

A session can be several hours long. The first hour is typically used to get to know you and why you want to have the reading. The practitioner will delve into your personal life and past as a way of uncovering patterns that may help with a more effective session once underway.

The regression session typically lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. This allows plenty of time to produce a deep regression that will allow you to experience one or many of your past lives. You will also have time after the regression to discuss what you just experienced.

How is Hypnosis Used?

Past lives reside deep within the subconscious – an area that is exceedingly difficult to access during your waking life. Hypnosis is used as a way to focus you inward to access the deepest recesses of your being.

Most people believe that hypnosis means releasing all control, but this is not the case. You will still be aware of your surroundings and what is happening, but you will have the ability to focus deeply on the parts of your subconscious where the details of your past lives reside.  In short, it is considered a “light trance.” You will be asked to focus exclusively on your breathing. This produces a relaxed state that allows you to focus on the emotions and memories that caused you to seek out a reading in the first place.

By bringing these emotions to the forefront of your consciousness and putting them in the context of your past life, you will understand their place and lessen their grip on your present life. In this way you begin to heal and move on with your life, free of the burden of the past.

Does regression work for everyone?

It will work for the majority people given that they are relaxed, positive and open to the idea of past life regression. It is recommended that you speak with the individual doing your regression on the phone prior to the session to ensure that you are a good fit.

What will I get out of my session?

Many positive things can result from your session. First and foremost, you will reconnect with a past life and enjoy a deeper understanding of how and why your emotions, issues and phobias are affecting your current life.

You may also feel more at peace knowing that the soul does exist, and that life does not end with our physical death.

How Many Sessions do I Need?

Most people find that one session provides them with an incredible amount of insight and understanding. Some people choose to have multiple sessions, however, if they still have unanswered questions.

Whether you choose a past life reading, or a past life regression, uncovering the truths behind your past lives is an on-going, in-depth process. Once figured out, however, you will find your life is more full than ever. You will understand that that life does not end at death. Instead, each life is a journey on the path to salvation, happiness, and love.