• oranum psychics review

Getting Started  

Oranum is one of the newer psychic networks, but it is also the most revolutionary.  While other networks do offer psychic chat, the majority of their customers call to speak with a psychic directly. Oranum, however, is chat only. Where they really differ, however, is that their psychics can be seen via live webcam. No other network around does this, so it is truly a unique experience.

Signing Up

It is free to sign up on Oranum. You can also speak to psychics for free; however, they will not provide you with a reading unless you go into a private reading. Think of their main chat area as a lobby where you can discuss anything you like. But, if you want a real reading, you must go private. 

To signup, click the "Signup for Free!" button at the top of the website. You'll see the below lightbox pop-up. Enter your desired username and password, and click "next."​ You'll also be asked for your gender and full name.

​Oranum differs from other networks in that you have to buy package of credits, rather than packages of minutes. 

At the top of the site you'll now see "Buy Credits"​

buy credits

You have the option to purchase credits several different ways: Credit/Debit, PayPal, online check, bitcoin, or a gift card. It's important to note that they gift you $9.99 in free minutes if you use your credit card. This is a good deal and we recommend that you take advantage of it. That can be nearly ten minutes of free talk-time. 

credit packages

How many minutes you purchase is entirely up to you. What we've found, however, is that a good reading typically takes around 30 minutes. For this reason, we recommend you go with the $27.99 package if you can swing it.  This will give you a solid 30 minutes with a psychic charging .99 center per minute.

Once your purchase is complete, your account will be updated with the number of credits you purchased. ​


Like most networks, the psychics on Oranum have different per-minute rates. Higher rates are typical of more experienced psychics with the highest ratings. However, we've had many readings with cheaper psychics, and we've been very happy, so don't think that just because someone is cheaper they're any less skilled - they may just be newer to the site.

With that being said, you will find psychics with rates as low as .99 cents per minute, and psychics with rates as high as $8.99 per minute. In order to see a psychic's rate, you have to click ​"Enter private reading." When you do, the psychic's rate will be displayed. In this instance, it is 4.99 credits per minute.

start private reading


You can view a psychics profile and testimonials by choosing a psychic, closing their live feed, and then clicking “testimonials” in the right hand side bar. 


Types of Readings

At the time of writing this, Oranum boasts over 2000 active psychics. This means that you can get many different types of readings. 

  • Email Readings
  • Palm Readings
  • Love & Relationships
  • Home & Family
  • Mind & Body
  • Career & Business
  • Health & Healing
  • Clairvoyance
  • Traveling & Relocation
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Rituals & Energies
  • Chakra Healing

Do We Recommend Oranum?

No network is perfect. Each is going to have a mix of good and no-so-good psychics. The tricky part is finding the good ones without wasting money. That's why it's important to look at testimonials before you engage in a reading. 

There is one thing we can say about Oranum, however, and that is that it's the most engaging psychic network out there, and truly begins to feel like an authentic community once you get started! 

Sign Up for Oranum Free Chat

It's free to sign up on Oranum, and you can chat with psychics for free before you decide to get a private reading.