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Going to see psychics has long since been a thing people have turned to when they are looking for answers to large life questions, are seeking guidance for large decisions, or are looking for insight into their past, present or future. With that said, there are many different types of ways in which a psychic may attempt to help those seeking their wisdom, including doing various types of readings. Readings can consist of palms readings, rune reading tarot, card readings and more. However, one of the most common types of readings that occur between psychics and clients are tarot card readings.

What do the Tarot Cards Represent?

Tarot card reading is a type of reading psychics do that consists of a deck of usually beautifully decorated cards, each of which is adorned with a specific and traditional picture, (though the pictures will vary in style depending on the artist of the deck). Each standard deck consists of 78 cards, each of which is generally separated between the 22 Major Arcana cards, and the 56 Minor Arcana. Now the difference between Major and Minor Arcana cards is pretty important when it comes to the readings themselves — though we will get into what readings themselves actually entail in a bit — being cards that signify significantly different levels of energy.

When a Major Arcana card is drawn, this signals an energy that is strong and deeply rooted, it signals an energy that relates very closely with passion, decisive and long term decisions and change. On the other hand, when a Minor Arcana card is drawn this tends to signal a less passionate desire for change or answers. While a Minor Arcana card still signals a desire for answers or the seeking of change, it only signals these in-so-far as the person drawing the card, (or who the card is being drawn for), is interested, but not yet committed to any possibilities of actual change. In other words, the Major Arcana cards single a heart felt desire for deep change or understanding and the Minor Arcana cards signal a general seeking of information or only the very start of a change.

With that said, the various images on each of the cards also carry extensive weight and meaning. Some of the most common or well known tarot card images are that of the fool, (which generally indicates positivity, newness and the purity and open-heartedness that belongs with children), Death, (which will usually signal a time of deep transformation and change — not actual death and is usually a fairly positive card in itself), and the Ace of Cups, (which indicate love, happiness, new beginning and happiness). These are only a few, though they work to get the general idea of how complex each card can be across. Just note that this hardly scratches the surface of what each card’s meaning can hold.

Now tarot card readings themselves are a bit complex as well. First, you need to know that there are two main types of readings that a person/psychic can do: a question reading, or an open reading. A question reading is a reading in which the psychic asks the cards (though not necessarily verbally), a particular question that the client is concerned with. Though the cards won’t give the client a yes or no answer, they can provide guidance in regards to decisions or leanings in which direction the client should go. In fact, question readings work much better when the person asking the question isn’t looking for an answer per say, but guidance on where to go to find the right answer.

An open reading on the other hand, is a reading that is much more general than the question reading. An open reading is a bit like future telling (though reading the future is not technically a recognized form of psychic ability). An open reading consists of larger and more general questions. For example, a person may choose to have an open reading after a major life event, such as a marriage or birth of a new child, and get a general read on the current energy of that new situation, lending to guesses about it’s future health, life, longevity, etc. This of course is temperamental work however, and entirely subject to change with time. However, it can be helpful on the whole to increase confidence in a new beginning “rightness” or “wrongness”.

Apart from these two types of energy readings, there are also various different types of card pulling and shuffling techniques a psychic can use. A psychic can suffer the deck themselves or have their client shuffle the deck — usually while thinking about what it is that has brought them there— a psychic can shuffle the deck themselves, a psychic can pull cards directly from the top of the deck (the most common), or randomly from the decks center, or they can have the client pull cards randomly from the decks center too. What the psychic chooses to do however, will likely be determined mainly by their own personal style, as well as what is being inquired about.

Are Tarot Readings Beneficial?

So now that you know a bit about what Tarot card reading is, it would be helpful to discuss why it can be beneficial. Apart from the obvious aspects of helping to guide one to make decisions, it can also be helpful when one is feeling lost. Instead of helping someone decided what to do, it can help to tell a person what they should be focusing on in order to figure what questions it is they should be asking. Tarot cards work based off the energy which each person exerts. Have you ever heard the saying good attracts good, bad energy attracts bad, etc? Well that concept 100% applies here. If a person is feeling lost and unfulfilled, this will reflect in the cards. However, where Tarot cards are really helpful in a situation like this is in what else they pick up on apart from the obvious energy. You may not know it, but the energy you emit into the world is not as simple as it is good or bad, unfulfilled or fulfilled. In fact, many times our bodies and minds subconsciously know what it is they actually want, or what it is it will take to make you truly happy, and that comes across as vibrational energy that the cards will also pick up on. Where the psychic comes in, is as the channel for this energy and the interpreter.

Here is the really exciting part though, with tarot cards, you don’t necessarily need a psychic to work them. In fact, many individuals own their own decks and perform readings for their own selves regularly. All it takes is intuition, concentration and belief that your energy is real and means something. Now this is not to say that it is as easy as pulling a few cards from a deck and googling their meaning. If you are going to do your own tarot readings, you need to take the time to understand what the cards mean individually and as a whole. You don’t need to go out and memorize the deck, but you do need to familiarize yourself with the general relationships that we touched on above.

In addition to this, it would be helpful to be in a calm state of mind and in a quiet place. In order for a tarot reading to work properly you must really focus on the feelings and energy your desire exudes, and choose cards/shuffle the deck in accordance with this energy. This is not something everyone can do, and after times you may feel silly attempting it, but in order for a reading to properly work, total concentration and removal of inhibitions is necessary. Furthermore, if a person is looking to do their own tarot readings they will need to attempt to become more self aware — meditation can really help with this. Fortunately though, there are plenty of sites that can offer you online tarot readings and give you help with all of this. Guides to tarot card reading, in depth explanations about card meanings and relationships and more.

Where Can You Get a Tarot Reading?

Another way to get a reading,  besides online tarot readings however, is obviously to go and see a psychic yourself. This can be done at various “witching” events held regularly all over the country/world. You can also find local psychics much the same way you would go about looking into hiring a psychiatrist or doctor, with many psychics offering a variety of services and options. If you do decided to go to a professional psychic however, some standard advice should be followed. First, make sure you do your research on the type of psychic you are looking for, as was briefly mentioned above, each psychic has various different specialities and abilities, and you don’t want to go to a psychic medium (a psychic who is able to communicate in various ways with the spirit world), if you are looking for is more of a clairsentience psychic (i.e. a psychic who feels out and interprets the energy around them).

Secondly, you want to make sure that the psychic you have chosen to consult with is actually a real and ethical psychic. Unfortunately today, there are a lot of people out there who either flat out pretend to have psychic abilities, thinking it is easy money and nobody will ever find out, or that actually are psychic, but are willing to lie to you in order to a) keep you coming back and b) convince you they are real. So, in order to avoid these types of psychics, do your research and consult reviews. People who have been at it for longer will generally have a longer list of references which can be promising as well, but no psychic should be considered legitimate just for this reason alone. On the whole however, just use your best judgment, meet with them beforehand for a consultation, and use your own intuition to feel out said psychic for yourself. Just know, if something feels off or not right, that is usually because something is off, or not right, (a good form of intuition you should begin to pay attention to if you wish to start your own tarot readings as well).

So, overall, what have we learned? Well, we learned that tarot readings, while become much more common, is still something that may be greatly misunderstood. We learned that as helpful as a tarot reading can be, it is not necessarily a final solution to finding answers to concerns or problems and should only really be used as a guile or prop to your overall self discovery and decision making process. Furthermore, we learned that tarot readings uss energy, channeled through cards and interpreted by either psychics or your own intuition, to help shed light on various personal situation. But most importantly, we learned that people have a deep desire to know themselves on a more intimate level and are willing to turn to places they may not have considered before, in order to reach that understanding.