• list of psychic abilities

If you are someone who believes in psychics and mysticism, then you will no doubt be fascinated to learn of all the different types of psychic ability that may exist. Psychic abilities allow people to look into the future, to remotely view events when they are thousands of miles away and even to influence those events.

What’s more fascinating still, is that reports of these kinds of abilities have been around for centuries. Some famous psychics have even influenced the course of history and played important parts in hugely influential events!

Read on then and we will take a look at some of the better known psychic abilities – as well as some of the lesser discussed ones.


Divination is one of the most common types of psychic ability and one of the better known. Divination is essentially the ability to get information about the future, though often this occurs through the use of some kind of ‘ritual’. For instance, the user of Tarot cards can be considered a type of divination – as can looking at tea leaves.

You can also classify Tarot further as something called ‘cartomancy’, which is the practice of using cards specifically in order to gain insight into future, past and current events.


Clairvoyance is considered ‘second sight’. This is another of the most widely known and discussed forms of psychic ability but is sometimes misunderstood.

That is to say that clairvoyance doesn’t necessarily involve seeing the future as many people presume. Rather, it is the ability to see through time and space. That means for instance that you might be able to ‘see’ something that is happening right now which may or may not provide insight and help you to make decisions about how to act. Alternatively, you might get information from the past. Clairvoyance will often use a crystal ball which helps the practitioner focus their abilities.

Related to clairvoyance are a range of other abilities – such as clairaudience. Clairaudience describes the ability to hear things that aren’t happening.

Aura Reading

Aura reading is the ability to ‘see’ the auras that surround people, animals and even things. This can give you an extra-sensory understanding of someone, of their current psychological state, of their nature and even of things that might have happened to them in the past.


Dowsing is the ability to locate objects. This is performed often using a doswing rod and can be linked to clairvoyance.


Mediumship is also known as channelling and essentially the ability to communicate with the spirit world. Often this will mean speaking with the dead, though not necessarily always.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to project one’s spirit from its body. This will often allow you to enter the astral plane, where you can explore freely and converse with other souls.

On the other hand though, astral projection can also be used as a form of remote viewing. That is to say that you can project yourself out of your body and then explore the local environment – potentially gaining special insight as a result.


Levitation is quite simply the ability to hover from the ground. Levitation has been a trick practiced by psychics, magicians and other individuals throughout history.


Telepathy is the ability to transfer thoughts and emotions to another person remotely and without speaking. This allows for non-verbal communication. This is one form of psychic ability that has come under close scrutiny from intelligence agencies who can of course see particular military or espionage application for the ability.


This is the ability to see important events before they occur. Often precognition comes in the form of a dream which may be literal or which might be highly symbolic. Precognitive dreams have featured in a number of fictional and historical stories with many historical figures claiming to have premonitions prior to great wars, famines and other events. Often kings, pharaohs and other leaders would even employ psychics in order to help them decide how to rule.


Bilocation is the ability to be in multiple places at the same time. This is one of the lesser discussed and more fascinating types of psychic ability. Different to astral projection, bilocation (or multilocation), actually allows the practitioner to be physically in two different places simultaneously.


Empathy is the ability to feel the emotions and pains of others. This is something that all of us have to some extent, just as all of us are possessed with a certain amount of intuition. However, in order to class as a psychic ability, the practitioner must be able to feel the emotions of others as though they were their own – possibly even remotely.


This is perhaps one of the most dramatic and visually exciting examples of psychic ability. Here, the individual has the ability to move objects at a distance using nothing but the power of their thought and their psychic energies. This is the kind of stuff you see in films about wizards and Jedis, though of course in this form it tends to be much milder – such as the ability to subtly move a light object.


Pyrokinesis is the ability to manipulate fire using thought alone. Again, this sounds incredibly dramatic but in most cases it refers simply to the ability to control the movement of a flame or to create other small effects.


Retrocognition is the ability to get glimpses from the past. This might mean seeing past lives, seeing old historical events or just gaining insight to things that happened recently.

Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is the ability to produce writing without conscious thought. In this case, the writing may come directly from the individual’s unconscious or in some cases from a spirit. In the most dramatic and exciting examples of automatic writing, practitioners have been able to write in foreign languages that they themselves were not able to speak!


Many psychics practice some form of healing whether that is to heal physical wounds or psychic ones.


Finally, psychometry is the ability to touch a person or object and to glean information about them.