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Hollywood Psychics is the least expensive psychic network in business, so if you're on a budget, they may be a great option for you. While most of the other networks offer $1 per minute introductory rates, you can get readings for 50 cents a minute on Hollywood Psychics, with your first 3 minutes free.

A lot of the readers on Hollywood Psychics also work on the other major networks as well, so you can get the same qualify of reading at a lower price. 

Introductory Rates

Without a doubt Hollywood Psychics has the lowest rates. In fact, their rates are about 50% cheaper than other networks we've reviewed. The following rates are available for first-time customers.

  • $15 for 30 minutes
  • $10.00 for 20 minutes
  • $5 for 10 minutes
signup for hollywood psychics

Signing up is super easy. Simply choose your package and enter your account information. You'll be prompted to pay on the next screen.

All Psychics Cost the Same!

This is what I love about Hollywood psychics. All psychics cost the same! At other networks, depending on the reputation and demand of the psychics, the rates vary wildly  - from 99 cents a minute to upwards of $13/min! At Hollywood Psychics, they all cost the same - your per-minute rate depends on the size of the package that you buy (you'll learn more about this below).

"Easiest Return Policy Ever"

Hollywood Psychics touts the "easiest return policy ever." But what really sets them apart from the other major networks is that they refund your money if you weren't happy with your last live reading. Other networks typically won't give you your money back - they'll only add free minutes to your account for use with another psychic. 

Membership Perks

Every month, when you get 10 readings of at least 10 minutes in length, you'll get 5 minutes for free. It's really that simple. You can track your bonus progress in your account, or you can call customer service and they'll provide you with your status. ​

Special Offers

Very often, when you go to add minutes to your account, Hollywood Psychics offers special package pricing. Essentially, the more minutes you buy, the deeper the discount. Here's an example offer you might see if you sign up.

  • 25 minutes = $90 @ $3.60/min
  • 15 minutes = $60 @ $4.00/min
  • 7 minutes = $30 @4.29/min

As you can see, they clearly incentivize you to purchase more minutes by reducing the per-minute rate when you buy in bulk. You'll be notified about these special by email, but you must choose to receive them in your "communication preferences."

Leaving Reviews

Leaving a review is easy. Simply log into your online account and click on "Review Readings." There you can leave feedback on any reading you've had in the past 90 days. 


If you're new to getting readings and just want to make a small investment to test out the waters, then Hollywood Psychics is probably your best bet. The introductory rates are 50% cheaper than other networks, and for this reason we recommend it highly. ​