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Fortune telling has been around for millennia, but fortune tellers online are new phenomenon that has arisen with the advent of the internet. Now anyone can find a fortune teller online and get a personal reading within minutes.

How Online Fortune Telling Works

First, you will have to sign up for a free online account. Most online fortune telling companies offer highly discounted rates for new customers in the form of a dollar a minute rate, and will allow you to buy packages of minutes. Some popular packages offered are 10 minutes for ten dollars, 20 minutes for twenty dollars, 30 minutes for 30 dollars, and so on.

After you use your introductory minutes, you will have to chat with your fortune teller at their permanent rate. You will not qualify for the discounted minutes again.  Different fortune tellers have different rates depending on the number of years of experience, among other things, so be mindful of who you choose, and keep track of how long you’ve been speaking to them. Some fortune tellers charge as much as $10 dollars a minute, so just a few minutes can cost you big!

Oranum, however, follows a different model.  Their psychics are on webcams, and you can chat with them for free when they are not in a private reading. Should you want a private reading, you can buy packages of credits that you can use with any of their online fortune tellers.

Free Online Fortune Telling

If you are looking for a legitimate, high-quality reading, you should deal with a real reader. Do not use free online fortune tellers – they are gimmicks and will not provide you with any valuable insight.

The Types of Online Fortune Telling

Online fortune tellers will use different methods during your reading including, but not limited to, numerology, astrology & tarot card reading.

Where Should I look for an Online Fortune Teller?

There are many sites that offer online fortune tellers. However, know that the words “fortune tellers” are not often used. Instead, you’ll most likely see these services advertised as “psychics,” or “psychic readings.” You can find online fortune tellers at AskNow, Oranum & others.


Oranum is a really cool site with a huge number of options. First, you’ll need to sign-up in order to start exploring the site.


Once you have an account, you can actually start chatting with psychics for free. However, they will not give you a reading for free. In order to get a private reading, you will need to buy “credits,” as seen below:


At this point, you can start using your credits to get a private reading.