• famous psychics

Whatever your stance is on paranormal phenomenon, there’s no arguing the fact that psychics are popular and get a lot of attention in the media. Several psychics have become so popular in fact as to be household names – while others have been remembered for thousands of years following their deaths.

Some of these psychics are famous because of their eerie predictions that appeared to come true. Others are famous for just how wrong they got things. And finally you have a few that are just plain fascinating.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous and examine what made them stand out from the crowd.


It would be remiss not to start any list of psychics with Nostradamus. Nostradamus is the single most famous psychic in the world and in many ways was one of the very first to be recognized.

Nostradamus lived between 1503 and 1566 but many of his predictions relate to today’s modern world. Nostradamus was a French apothecary and was reputed as a ‘seer’ of prophecies. His most well-known work is Les Propheties in which he made many of his best known predictions – many of which could be said to have described some of histories most important events.

Interestingly though, Nostradamus actually rejected the insinuation that he was a prophet, stating:

“Although, my son, I have used the word prophet, I would not attribute to myself a title of such lofty sublimity.”

Also interesting, and little known, is that Nostradamus actually relied on a number of literary sources when developing Les Propheties. That said, he still relied on more traditional methods of contemplation, meditation and incubation along with this research.

To really get a flavor for Nostradamus though, you need to examine his writings and see how they compare with real-world events.

For instance, he wrote:

The blood of the just will be demanded of London,

Burnt by the fire in the year 66

The blood of the just will commit a fault at London,

burnt through lighting of twenty threes the six:

The ancient lady will fall from her high place,

several of the same sect will be killed.

Which many people believe to be describe The Great Fire of London in 1966.



From the depths of the West of Europe,

A young child will be born of poor people,

He who by his tongue will seduce a great troop;

His fame will increase towards the realm of the East.

Beasts ferocious from hunger will swim across rivers:

The greater one will cause it to be dragged in an iron cage

When the Germany child will observe nothing.

Is thought to describe Hitler and World War 2.

And at first glance, you might well think that these predictions are unarguable. After all, predicting a fire in 66 seems rather impressive, as does describing a war started by a single individual from Germany.

But critics argue that the vague nature of Nostradamus’ prophecies, along with the huge number of claims he made meant that some would be likely to correlate with real world events. Our interpretation may be biased to focus on the lines that seem to ring true while ignoring those that seem nonsensical.

It’s up to you to decide what you believe. But what does Nostradamus think the future will hold for us?

Well, zombies…

Not far from the age of the millennium,

When there is no more room in Hell,

The buried dead shall come out of their graves.

Edgar Cayce

Getting somewhat more modern (1877-1945), Edgar Cayce is one of the most famous psychics of the 20th century. Cayce described himself as a ‘medical intuitive’ and spent most of his time answering questions specifically relating to medical questions.

Also interesting was Edgar’s amazing extensive knowledge. Edgar could answer questions on a wide range of topics from the history of Atlantis to the past lives of people he met. Of course, many of these ‘facts’ can’t be verified one way or the other – but there are those who take his word as gospel.

Perhaps his most well-known feat though, was the ability to enter a deep trance state on cue and then list off diagnoses for patients. According to his followers, these diagnoses were consistently accurate even when the patient wasn’t present. He this way earned the name ‘Sleeping Prophet’. He was also said to be able to heal many of the patients who came to him. Other abilities he is sometimes described as having include astral projection, prophesying and mediumship. He claimed to be able to view the book of like – or the ‘Anaski Records’ – which is the book that God is said to keep the names of everyone destined for heaven.

In this way, Edgar rose to prominence and many even credit him with birthing the new age movement and alternative medicine. That makes him just as divisive today as he was in life!

Jeane Dixon

Jeane Dixon is another of the 20th centuries most famous psychics and what makes her particularly interesting is the lack of information regarding her.

Her birth was believed to have been in 1918 and it’s uncertain whether her name was really Jeane (she took her husband’s surname). What is known is that she managed to predict the assignation of John F. Kennedy during an interview with Parade Magazine in 1956. She stated that the election would be won by someone who would ‘go on to be assassinated or die in office.’

This led to her rapidly becoming one the best known psychics in the world at the time and she was appointed as the personal astrologer for Nancy Reagan.

Paul the Octopus

Let’s end with something a little bit more quirky.

Paul the Octopus was a ‘common octopus’ who was used to predict the outcome of several key football matches. He even managed to predict several matches accurately for the world cup, which led to his acquiring the status of ‘animal oracle’.

How does an octopus predict scores you ask? By being presented with two boxes containing food, one for each team. The box that Paul reached to first would be considered his prediction for the winners. In this manner, he managed to correctly predict the winner of all seven of Germany’s matches in the 2010 world cup, as well as many of their Euro 2008 matches.

There is actually a 1 in 64 chance that Paul could have predicted the World Cup matches accurately and had he been betting on his predictions, he could have won a lot of money!

Perhaps what’s most interesting about this is that Paul is not the only ‘animal oracle’. Many other animals have been credited with the power of divination!