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A medium is someone who claims to have the ability to converse with spirits. Often this means conversing with the spirits of those who have passed away, while it might also mean conversing with supernatural beings or even angels and demons.

Either way, mediumship is something that has fascinated people all around the world and as such there are a number of people who have risen to prominence. Today many psychic mediums exist and in many cases they are followed by thousands of ardent fans on social media and beyond.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most famous mediums, how they operate and how they came to become so known around the world.

George Anderson

George Anderson has been using his abilities to help families communicate with their lost loved ones for many years. He claims to be a natural born medium who first began communicating with spirts as a child. Many people describe him as having a humble demeanour and of genuinely wanting to help them connect with those they’re missing.

George may be humble, but he has accomplished a great deal during his career. He is the most scientifically tested medium of the Century for instance, having subjected himself to a great number of tests and experiments – clearly he is not shy to have his abilities put under the microscope! Another accolade was being invited to Holland by the surviving members of the Anne Frank family to help them communicate with their lost ones.

If you would like to learn more about George Anderson, his work and his views, then a great place to start is with his books. George has written two best-selling titles: Lessons From the Light and Walking in the Garden of Souls. He has also been the feature of a book: We Don’t Die.

Chip Coffey

Chip is another psychic medium who describes first learning of his abilities in childhood. Born in New York, he has since spent a lot of time on camera talking about his abilities and featuring them for all the world to see. He is perhaps one of the most popular psychic celebrities as a result and currently has well over 120,000 fans on Facebook.

Among his most exciting appearances is his regular work with the real life ghost hunters on Paranormal State. He has also been the subject of many interviews and is active on social media as his fans can attest.

Other than that, Chip is very popular for his general approach to celebrity. He is an animal lover and is actively involved in helping children. He was even on another television series ‘Psychic Kids’ where he worked with children and taught them how to work with their gifts.

Generally Chip says what’s on his mind and whatever your views about him, he certainly makes great watching!

Theresa Caputo

Theresa Caputo also happens to go by the name ‘The Long Island Medium’. Were it not for that fact though, you might not expect her to have any unusual gifts based on her appearance or her mannerism. Theresa is often described as coming across very much as your average New Yorker. He’s loud, sassy and with a big head of hair but she is also known to be very warm and caring.

And if you thought Chip had an impressive number of fans on Facebook, Theresa blows him out of the water with over 1 million followers. This makes her one of the most famous mediums on the planet right now. So how did she get to that point?

Largely her fame stems from her book: There’s More to Life Than This: Healing Messages, Remarkable Stories, and Insight About the Other Side from the Long Island Medium. Even before this point though, she was in such a high demand for her psychic abilities that she had a waiting list more than two years long!

Maureen Hancock

Once again, you wouldn’t think Maureen was a medium to look at her. She is young, attractive and generally a very ‘normal’ looking lady.

And she wasn’t a psychic of any kind to begin with. Rather, she says that her ability to talk to the dead began in 1992 when she had a near-fatal car crash. This led to a complete change in lifestyle and career for Maureen and she would later go on to appear on the Ricki Lake Show and Psychic in Suburbia. She has also written a book as many mediums have, called The Medium Next Door. She also tours with her won stage show called Postcards from Heaven which tends to sell out as soon as the tickets are announced.

Maureen appears to have a great sense of humor and her heart in the right place – she spends a lot of her spare time working with the sick.

James Van Praagh

James Van Praagh is one of the most famous mediums on the planet today. He is the author of a number of books which include Talking to Heaven – a bestseller – and has also produced a number of shows for TV. As a producer as well as a medium and TV star himself, James is clearly very multi-talented!

James Van Praagh has been around a long time but got some initial exposure through the program Living With the Dead – a program all about his life as a medium. He has also produced a successful TV series of his own: Ghost Whisperer.

Like many of the names on this list (what’s with that?), James was born in New York and was going to become a Catholic priest. During prayer though and at the young age of 14, he recounts that he heard a calling to ‘find God in the outside world’. This led to him becoming a medium. He has a very gently nature and comes across as a kind and caring individual, something that those who go to see him no doubt find highly comforting.

These are just a few of the most famous mediums but there are many more including Michelle Whitedove, Lisa Williams, Allison Dubois and more.

Who’s your favorite?