• develop psychic abilities

Although not everyone can be Nostradamus, we all have psychic abilities to some extent.  Like any skill, psychic abilities can be developed and improved with practice.  Below are a few strategies that can help you develop psychic abilities.

1. Practice Meditation

When you meditate, you practice the art of focus. By practicing focus, you allow yourself to not be dragged into distractions and to pay attention to the present moment. Why is this important in developing psychic abilities? Because when you’re in the moment, you’re more likely to be observant, and when you’re more observant, you are able to observe the energies around you. When you’re in tune with what’s going on in the present moment, you’re more likely to be in tune with what’s going to happen in future moments – you’re more connected to each moment as it unfolds.

So how does one begin meditating? Contrary to popular belief, when you meditate, you don’t remove your thoughts entirely (doing so would be impossible).  Instead, meditation teaches you to focus on what you’re doing in the present moment.   

The simplest way to meditate is to focus on your breath.  For example, count each time you exhale, and say “in” each time you “inhale.”  It will sound something like this in your head: “In, One, In, Two, In, Three…”  Count until you get to ten and then start over.  You will notice that sometimes you’ll become distracted – you might get well past “ten” before you realize your thoughts have wandered. Each time you get distracted, refocus your attention on your breath. 

Over time, this practice will translate into your daily life – and you’ll be more present and in tune with the moment – which will help you develop psychic abilities and intuition. For more ways to meditate, check out this article at mindful.org: https://www.mindful.org/mindfulness-how-to-do-it/

2. Practice Making Predictions

Practicing predictions is another great way to develop psychic abilities.  Each day, write down 2-3 predictions about the following day.  Sit down in a quiet place, and project yourself into the next day.  Notice what you’re doing, who you’re with, and what they’re doing.  Notice any feelings or hunches that come your way.  What do you feel, smell, taste, and hear?  Write down your predictions.  Then, the next day, check back to see if any of them were accurate.  While you may not ever be able to predict every day with complete accuracy, overtime, you’ll notice your intuition has developed and you’re better able to predict and foresee future events.

3. Practice Psychometry

Psychometry is the ability to glean information or energy about an event or person, simply by touching an inanimate object associated with them.  Practicing psychometry is another essential way to develop psychic abilities.

You can practice psychometry by asking a friend or family member to hand you an object – for example, a necklace, charm, watch, etc. Before you hold the object, sit for a few moments without it.  Rub your hands together to get energy moving – you may start to feel them tingle a bit.

Once you have the object in your hands, take note of how you feel as you hold it.  How does your body feel? Do you see anything in your mind?  Did/Does the object belong to a man or woman? What does this person do for a living? What is their outlook on life? Write down your observations and feelings without censoring anything.  Once you’re done, talk to the person who gave you the object and ask if any of your impressions were accurate.

4. Practice Hide & Seek Exercises

Another way to develop psychic abilities is to practice hide and seek exercises.  Ask a friend or family member to hide an object – preferably one that has a lot of meaning to you, such as a favorite piece of jewelry or clothing.  Step outside while she hides the object.  When you come back in, try to find it. See if you can connect with the object and sense its energy.  Is it upstairs or downstairs? Is it towards the front of the house or the back of the house? Is it high or low?  After you try this a few times, you’ll notice you’ll start to find the objects more quickly.  It can even come in handy when trying to find a lost pet!

5. Practice Reading Auras

Reading auras is another quintessential psychic ability. Reading a person’s aura can help you glean more information about their past, present, and future.

Everyone gives off a field of energy, or, an aura.  A person’s aura looks like a glowing light that emanates from him or her, and it can be several different colors. It can also give you useful information about the person’s emotional or energetic state. 

To practice reading auras, have a friend or relative stand in front of a lightly colored wall. Relax your eyes and focus on one part of their body, such as the top of their head or shoulders. After a few moments, you may start to see bands or blots of different colors.  Notice how intense the colors are and which colors are predominant.  Different colors mean different things.  Here’s a quick guide to what they mean:

  • Multi-colored:  this can signify the person is a healer, particularly one that works with energy fields.
  • Red: signifies enthusiasm, excitement, and a willingness and desire to try out new things.
  • Yellow: signifies intelligence, confidence, logic
  • Pink: signifies sensitivity and romance.  Those with pink auras tend to be healers and also tend to have strong psychic abilities.
  • Green: signifies creativity and hard work. Those with green auras tend to be successful in business, but can also be prone to workaholism.
  • Brown: signifies confusion and lack of confidence.  Those with a brown aura may feel lost or have low self esteem.
  • Purple: signifies psychic abilities. Those with a purple aura tend to be empathetic to the moods, needs, and feelings of others.
  • Blue: signifies intelligence, charisma, and a diplomatic nature.  Those with blue auras tend to be excellent communicators and writers.
  • Black: signifies negativity, hatred, or illness and depression.

6. Acknowledge your psychic abilities and pay attention to hunches and feelings

You can’t accomplish something if you don’t believe in yourself.  This is just as true with psychic abilities as it is with any new skill you’re trying to learn.  Before you start trying to develop psychic abilities, remind yourself that you are psychic and that you are capable of developing your psychic skills. 

Additionally, make sure you pay attention to your natural hunches and feelings.  Although you may want to dismiss these sometimes, there’s often a reason you’re having them.  Learn to recognize when you’re having a gut reaction.  Listen to your body.  Often, when you have a hunch or a gut feeling – you will feel it in your body somewhere.  For example, if the feeling is bad, you may feel it as a knot in your stomach.  If the feeling is good, you may feel it as a warm swelling in your heart.  The more you learn to recognize and listen to these hunches and feelings, the more you’ll be able to hone your natural psychic capabilities.