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Psychic Detectives - Are they real? 

The use of "Psychic detectives" by the police is highly controversial and surrounded by considerable skepticism. 

They're used to help investigate and solve crimes through the use of their psychic and paranormal abilities. ​ Most often, mediums are used in order to communicate with the murder victims. However, the following abilities have also been used:

  • postcognition ( perceiving the past)
  • psychometry - information gained from objects
  • telepethy
  • dowsing
  • clairvoyance
  • remote viewing

Famous Cases Where Psychics Were Wrong

There are many famous cases where psychics have reached out with information on the whereabouts of missing persons. However, the vast majority of the information police received was inaccurate.

​Elizabeth Smart

​Chances are you've heard about the Elizabeth Smart case. Over 9,000 tips were received from psychics during the course of the investigation, but none of them panned out. 

Long Island Serial Killer

​In this case, a psychic told police that the body would be found in a shallow grave near water. This is an extremely vague claim considering that Long Island is surrounded by water. This claim never panned out either. 

​Chandra Levy

Chandra Levy was a Washington D.C. intern who went missing in 2001. The police received thousands of tips from psychics, with predictions that her body would be found in the Potomac river, and even buried in the Nevada desert. None of these tips were useful. ​

Shawn Hornbeck

This case was particularly famous because the celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne was involved.  She appear on the Montel Williams show and when asked if their son was alive, she said that he was not. Four years later, Shawn was found alive, and very few of the details Sylvia had given the family were correct. 

Kiesha Abrahams

​In 2010, Cheryl Carroll-Lagerwey told police that she saw the location of a missing child in her dreams. When she took police to the purported location, they did find a body, but it was not that of the missing child's. 

Famous Cases Where Psychics Were Right

Dennis Prado

Psychic Annette Martin helped locate a retired US paratrooper when he went missing from his apartment. The police didn't have any solid leads on his whereabouts, but Annette, when contacted by police, was able to pinpoint his location with incredible accuracy. 

Prado lived by a very large forest, but when given a map, Annette was able to circle the spot the size of two city blocks where he would be located. She also indicated that they would need a police dog to locate the body. Although police had already searched the area, they found the body covered by dirt, where Annette said it would be. ​

Thomas Braun

In the 2001 missing person case of Thomas Braun, clairvoyant Leanna Adams was contacted by family when the police were unable to locate the body.  The Braun family told the police to look for the body based on on Adam's information, but they did not do so. Instead, Adams took the family to the body herself, some 20 kilometers out into the Australian outback. The remains were quite badly decomposed, but the identity was confirmed through DNA testing. 

Although the majority of clues given by psychics in murder cases turn out to not be useful, cases like Prado and Braun are remarkable examples of true psychic talent at play. 

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