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There are an enormous number of online psychics available at the touch of a button. In fact, there are thousands spread across several major networks. But when deciding to spend your hard earning money on an online reading, how do you know who to trust, and who has a proven track record of giving high-quality, accurate readings? You don’t. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve compiled a list of the best online psychics available. These are the best online psychics from the major online networks: AskNow Psychics, Psychic Source, and California Psychics.

Psychic Tree, Ask Now

Years of Experience: 29

Primary Gift: Psychic Medium . Spirit Communication

“Tree” literally means “connection.” Tree’s most significant gift is communicating with those who have passed on, and predicting deaths. However, Tree says that she cannot predict the death of the person with whom she’s speaking; rather, she can only predict the deaths of close family members. To this day, she does not know why this is the case.

First Recognized Gift:

Psychic Tree realized she had a gift when she started seeing ghosts and when predicted her grandmother’s death.  At first, she says she was scared, but from that point on, it became very natural to her.

Sandra Lee, Ask Now

Years of Experience: 25

Primary Gifts: Clairvoyant Medium, Spiritual Counselor

Sandra Lee is primarily a medium. Her gift provides a deep connection with spirits on the other side. She is given names, whether the name is someone who has already passed on, or someone who is still living.  Either way, she can provide profound insight into the second lives of those on the other side.

Sandra is also clairvoyant and can help with issues of love, romance, and present situations or future events. She is able to see both good and evil, and guide you down a more prosperous path.


Sandra comes from a long line of spiritualists and took part in séances from a young age. However, her gift really started to flourish when he son passed on to the other side, which opened the doors to the afterlife.

Jackie, Ask Now

Years of Experience, 15

Primary Gifts : Love & Relationship Readings

Jackie has the ability to help people see into the future by tapping into their energy and visualizing their past and current life paths. While many psychics use tarot cards, Jackie relies on her raw psychic abilities to guide her clients.  She sees energy in visions and connects with her spirit guides and angels, allowing her to see things in her client’s past.

Jackie has one long-time spirit guide with whom she connects with. However, she has several guardian angels, archangel Michael and her aunt who passed away many years ago.

She uses this gift to help people with their personal relationships by helping them realize why their relationships are strained and what they can do to improve their romances moving forward.

First Recognized Gift:

Jackie first realized her gift when she was 13. She started seeing colors surrounding people, and angels as well. She says that she also developed an ability to predict events.

April Moon, Ask Now

Years of Experience: 30

Primary Gifts: Holistic practioner

April Moon is unique in that she is not only a psychic, but a trained psychologist and holistic healer. This means that she uses all mind-body-spirit channels to connect to her client’s energy and auras. She also has a strong empathic gift, so she is able to intensely feel her client’s energies and emotions.

She is also a Reiki master and is able to remote heal. She uses crystals, candles and tarot cards in her readings, but mostly relies on her natural psychic abilities to connect with her clients.

John Alexander, Ask Now

Years of Experience: 33

Primary Gifts: Master of esoteric arts and occult sciences

John has over 33 years of experience as a psychic advisor, and is proficient in tarot, cartomancy, runes, numerology and many other reading techniques.

He started developing his gift as a very young man under the tutelage of his grandmother. He was deaf and mute as a child, so he started mastering the spiritual side of his life, reading about reincarnation and past lives, among other topics.

He believes that everyone has psychic abilities, but the majority fail to tap into and nurture them.

Windraven, Ask Now

Years of Experience, 35

Primary Gifts: Empathic, licensed minister, master medicine card reader, part of 1000-year psychic bloodline

Windraven was born into a shamanic bloodline and inherited many gifts. In order to cultivate these gifts, he studied under his elders and shamans, and became a master of medicine cards. Windraven, however, is also a gift empathic clairvoyant, so his readings are rich and accurate.

Windraven first realized his gift at the age of five when he started seeing spirits. He lived in the home his grandfather built, and he would see his grandfather standing at the top of the stairs. However, he was terrified and, to this day, does not do any work with the dead because of these early experiences.

Primary Gift

Windraven specializes in helping people realize what is preventing them from moving forward in their lives. He can sense what feelings and emotions they are repressing so he can help them remove what is preventing them from realizing their dreams and goals.

Clarissa, Ask Now

Years of Experience, 20

Primary Gifts, Clairvoyant, Empath, Master Psychics, Tarot Reader

Clarissa is a psychic who relies on powerful visions to help guide her readings. The visions come through her spirit guides who surround the person receiving the reading. Her guides are women from her family who have since passed on to the other side. She says that her great-grandmother is her strongest guide.

She also mentions, however, that sometimes her guides will not divulge certain information. For whatever reason, this is information that cannot be known by either the psychic or the person receiving the reading.


Clarissa’s specialty is love and relationships. She has become very adept at tuning into what people in the relationship are feeling and thinking. She is able to tap into these emotions to provide her client’s with precise information, whether or not it is what the client wants to hear.

Dominick, Ask Now

Years of Experience, 20

Primary Gifts: Dream interpretation, chakra cleansing, tarot card readings, crystal

Dominick grew up in a family of psychics, so this line of work is in his blood. He was born with strong insights and intuition that help him guide his clients.

His main specialty is dream interpretation, and believes that dreams provide insight into your future and subconscious.

Dominick gleans this information through his inner aura and also uses tarot cards and crystals. When using his aura, he is able to see visions that include the person’s future, career and family, among other things.