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AskNow Psychics

Founded in 2005, AskNow Psychics is one of the largest psychic networks in the world, boasting over 200 psychic advisers who can be reached via online chat or phone. Our AskNow review is honest and unsolicited.

AskNow Introductory Rates

Most psychic networks, including AskNow, offer very competitive introductory rates for their best psychics. AskNow offers the following:

  • 15 minutes for $10, plus 5 free elite/master minutes
  • 20 minutes for $20.00 plus 5 free elite/master minutes
  • 30 minutes for $30.00 plus 5 free elite/master minutes

first time customer offers

Signing up on the Phone

If you should to sign-up via the phone, you will be directly to a customer support specialist. They will ask for your name and email address (though you don’t have to give them your email). Next, they’ll ask what kind of reading you are looking for, and will recommend a number of psychics and provide you with their extension number, so you’ll want to have pen and paper available, if possible.

They’ll then let you know what packages are available for first time caller. Again, you’ll have the choice of 15 minutes, 20 minutes, or 30 minute packages. If you can afford it, it is highly recommended that you get the largest package. This way, you can get the most value out of your introductory minutes, because you will not qualify for them again.

You will next setup a 4-digit pin for the security of your account. You’ll use this, along with your phone number, to login into the service.

Lastly, they’ll take your payment information. After they process your payment, you will be sent back into their menu. The menu will ask you to press 1 if you are a new customer, or press 2 if you’re an existing customer. PRESS 2. You will then be asked to enter your 4-digit pin and phone number. The system will then let you know how many minutes you have available. Lastly, you will enter the extension of the psychic customer service gave you.

Now, the psychics customer service representatives recommend are their best psychics, so they’re often busy with other customers. So, do realize that it is not uncommon for them to be unavailable when you initially try to reach them. However, Ask Now offers a very cool call-back feature. If the psychic is unavailable at that time, you can simply request a call-back. Once the psychic is available, they will call you back directly.


AskNow’s introductory rates are great rates for a first time caller, but you must be careful to NOT go over your introductory minutes. If you do, you will be charged the psychics permanent rate.

It is particularly easy to go over with your 5 free minutes with the elite/master psychics. Five minutes is not enough time to get a good reading – just an idea of what the elite psychics can offer you.

However, if you go over just a minute, elite and master psychics can cost upwards of $13 dollars a minute, so staying on the line just a few more minutes can get very expensive. The same applies to your regular introductory minutes.

How to know how many minutes you have left

Once you’ve used up your introductory minutes, you will hear a courtesy tone information you that, if you continue, you will be billed at the permanent rate of that psychic. If you do not wish to be billed at the permanent rate, simply hang up. The psychics do not hear this tone, so they will continue the reading. Do not feel that abruptly hanging up is rude.

If you continue on the line after you hear the courtesy tone, just know that you are continuing at their permanent rate. Once your reading is finished, your credit card will be billed for the additional minutes you use.

If your credit card does not have sufficient funds to cover your reading, it will simply decline. Remember, though, before you can speak with a psychic again, you will need to pay off your existing balance. There is no way around it. If you just remember to hang up after the courtesy tone, you will never accrue a balance.

Lesson: Just hang up to avoid additional charges.

Life After Introductory Minutes

You only get introductory minutes once. Once you use them, all of your future readings will be at the psychic’s permanent rate. Now, each psychic’s rate is different, and depends on a number of factors, like how many years of experience they have and their ratings. You will see psychics with rates as low as a few dollars a minute, and psychics with rates as high as $13 dollars a minute, so choose wisely and understand that a good reading is a good investment.


AskNow really wants to ensure that you are happy with your reading. For this reason, if you aren’t happy with your reading, they will apply 10 free minutes to your account.


AskNow is one of the top networks for a reason. They have some very talented psychics, and customer service really goes out of their way to make you happy. Choose your psychic carefully, and be sure to hang up once your introductory minutes are finished, and you’ll have a great experience.