• are mediums real?

We’ve all seen popular TV shows that feature psychic mediums speaking to the dead. And we all have to ask: “Are mediums real?” Could it really be possible to speak to people who have passed on to the other side?

YES. A resounding yes.

Wow, that was fast. How can you know?

First, I’ll preface by saying that that there are, indeed, people who claim to be psychic mediums who are nothing but scam artists. You can read more about psychic scams here.

I’ve personally had readings with top-rated psychics who have conveyed extremely detailed information to me that would be impossible to know had they not been real. And that leads me into the first way of knowing whether or not a medium is real:

Detailed Information

It’s easy for someone to say: “yes, your mother is at peace and very happy. She only wants the best for you.” It’s something entirely different to say: “Your mother says she doesn’t want you to feel guilty about selling her house.” Or even something more specific. There aren’t any tricks or gimmicks associated with this. It’s pure, unadulterated information from the other side.

Don’t think, however, that just because the medium can’t give you every last detail about their loved one that they’re not real. After all, they are bridging the gap between the living and the dead, and their line of communication is imperfect.

They Don’t Want Any Information Ahead of Time

A legitimate medium won’t want you to tell them anything before they begin. That’s because they will receive everything they need to know from the other side, and they don’t want anything you tell them to taint the reading. This way they are sure to keep the integrity of the reading intact.

Questions, Questions, Questions

A medium who isn’t real will ask you a lot of questions. After all, the more they know, the more likely they are to be able to piece together a story for you to believe – something that will resonate with you and make you believe you’re receiving a real reading.

Remember, real mediums will tune into the energy on the other side and receive their information that way. There’s no need for them to give you anything.

With that being said, there are real mediums who have simply developed a poor habit of phrasing questions incorrectly during the reading. For instance, they might ask something like “Who died of a heart attack,” when they should have said “I am communicating with someone who died of a heart attack.”

The takeaway, however, is that a real medium will refrain from asking questions before they begin the reading. A real medium, though, may still ask questions during the reading – that doesn’t mean they’re fake. After all, if they mention they are speaking to someone who died of a particular disease, or provide you with some detail that is very specific to the person who passed, then you can be fairly certain that they are real.

So, Are Mediums Real?

Yes, mediums are real, but they are a very different breed of psychic – even more talented. Because, while psychics tap into the auras and energy fields of living things, mediums can also tap into the subtler energies of the spirit world. And this is why they’re special.