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I’m Ryan, the creator of Psychictopia. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina, with my girlfriend Brittany, and our two dogs two dogs, Noda & Bailey.

While I’m mostly driven by reason and logic, I believe that there are some things that are unexplainable – things beyond the reach of reason. These are the things that fascinate me.  Along the way, I started researching the world of psychics, and had many psychic readings.

Some were good. Some were bad. And some were great. Just like every other profession, you have to do your research in order to work with the best.

I started Psychictopia to help guide the general public in their quest for an accurate and affordable psychic reading. Not all networks are made equal, and not all psychics are made equal either. My goal is to help people avoid lousy psychic experiences by doing the research and providing insight from my own experiences.