• Psychic Predictions

If you’ve ever had a psychic reading, you probably expected the psychic to predict exactly how your future would unfold.  Of course, psychic readings can be accurate, but the reality is that psychic predictions are complex and multifaceted and the future is not written in stone. If you’ve ever received a psychic reading that wasn’t accurate or was only partially accurate – perhaps, for example, she got the event right but not the timing – it doesn’t necessarily mean the psychic was a fraud.  Many factors contribute to psychic predictions and how your future unfolds – including your own free will, the free will of others, and how the psychic interprets the information she’s seeing and feeling. Here are 6 things you should know about psychic predictions before you talk to a psychic:

1. A Psychic Prediction is Based on the Current Moment In Time

A good analogy about psychic predictions is to think of the psychic as looking through the windshield of the car that you’re in.  The car is heading in a certain direction and that is what the psychic is able to see when she’s giving you a reading.  In other words, when a psychic predicts your future, she’s predicting it based on the path you’re on now, at this exact moment in time.  However, your own actions and thoughts and opinions may change and therefore your path may change.  It may even change as a result of the reading or something the psychic said.  The psychic’s prediction is based on what may happen if you stay on the current path you’re on. However, just like any driver can change the direction he takes on the road, you can change the direction you’re taking in life (and so can the other people around you).

2. Psychics Are Not Gods

It’s easy to perceive psychics as mystical beings – after all, they’re able to see and sense things many of us cannot.  However, it’s important to realize they’re just people.  Psychics have their own flaws, their own experiences and their own perceptions.  When one has a premonition, it’s up to her to communicate her prediction to you – and this is where the humanness comes into play.  A good psychic should try to stay as objective as possible and should refrain from trying hard to interpret the signals, energies, or visions she’s having. Instead, she should try to communicate the information in the rawest form possible – exactly as it’s given to her.  For example, she may see the word “Cranberry.”  This word can mean many things – of course, most commonly, it refers to a fruit.  However, it could also mean many other things to the person in question – for example, it could be the name of a street, the name of a pet, or anything else.  It may be tempting for the psychic to assume that “cranberry” refers to the fruit and that the person in question loves cranberries.  The psychic should resist the temptation to make this assumption, and instead simply say something like, “I’m seeing the word ‘cranberry.’”  This way, the person receiving the reading can determine what the significance is, rather than the psychic.  Naturally though, because psychics are human, it doesn’t always play out this way and the psychic may make her own interpretations.  When you’re receiving a psychic reading, just be aware that the person on the other end is a flawed human, just like you, and that it’s ultimately up to you to make the interpretations on your life.

3.  Psychics Should be Used As A Second Opinion

Think of a psychic as someone who can give you a second opinion. Often, when you go to a psychic, you have an issue or a problem and your gut is telling you what to do.  A psychic can tell you what they’re getting from the universal energy.  In this way, they can confirm your intuition, or tell you if they’re getting a different message from the universe.  Of course, however, be sure to take the psychic’s opinion as just that – an opinion – and not an absolute decree on what you must do with your life.

4. A Good Psychic Will Not Tell You What to Do And Won’t Diagnose Medical Issues

Psychic predictions can be scary and confusing. A psychic may see something in your future that’s not necessarily positive.  For example, perhaps the psychic sees that breast cancer may be in your future. The psychic should always refrain from diagnosing the client.  For one, the psychic is likely not a medical doctor and is probably not qualified to give a medical exam. But additionally, information like this can be scary to receive.  Again, this comes down to the psychic giving you the information in the rawest form possible and refraining from interpreting the vision. When negative psychic predictions are given, they can be paralyzing  – to the point where you’re afraid to act simply out of fear.  In instances like these, instead of telling the client she may have breast cancer, the psychic should say something like, “I see something energetically happening around your breast, and you may want to get it checked out.” The psychic here is stopping short of diagnosing, and is gently recommending an action rather than telling you you must do something.

5. Do Not Feed the Psychic Information

To get the most out of your psychic reading, you should keep as quiet as possible.  What I mean by this is that you shouldn’t offer up any information to the psychic.  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that, by doing so, you’ll ensure that the psychic you’re working with is not a fraud because you’re not volunteering any information – all the information is coming from the psychic herself.  The second reason relates to the first.  The psychic reading will be much more meaningful if you allow yourself to be quiet and allow the psychic to relay information to you.  For example, if you had a relative who was a police officer who died during 9/11, the psychic may relay some of this information by saying, “I’m seeing a police officer.”  You might be tempted to say mention that you had an uncle who was a police officer with the NYPD who died on 9/11 – but resist mentioning that.  It will feel much more powerful and validating if you let that information come from the psychic rather than giving that information up.  Additionally, you don’t want to say anything that may influence the psychic – let the psychic come to conclusions on her own.

6. Don’t Force Messages to Fit

Sometimes a psychic may give you a message that doesn’t quite fit.  For example, perhaps the psychic is telling you that she sees a large black dog – but you don’t have a dog – you have a tabby cat.  These are not the same thing.  You may be inclined to help the psychic out by mentioning your cat – but don’t.  If a psychic is telling you things that don’t fit, simply tell her.  There could be many reasons for this – and it doesn’t mean that the psychic is a fraud.  For example, it could be that she’s seeing a message for someone else – perhaps someone else in your house or a message for one of her clients who’s coming later in the day.  Either way, in this situation it’s best to politely tell the psychic that the messages aren’t fitting.  This way, you won’t waste your time or the psychic’s, and you won’t confuse yourself into trying to fit a message that wasn’t meant for you.

At the end of the day, remember that a psychic reading is what you take from it.  You are responsible for interpreting the information the psychic gives you.  However, remember that the psychic is a person just like you – and be sure to consider that fact when you receive a reading.  Some psychics are better than others at relaying information – and some may be likely to steer you in a certain direction while others will be better at giving you the information as it comes to them, without trying to interpret it. Always make sure to trust your own intuition – and remember that you are the one in charge of making the decisions in your own life.